Platinum Care at Home are proud to announce the opening of our very own in House Training which is based in our head office in Waterlooville. We have accredited trainers who will support all new members of our team to ensure they are fully competent and confident within their role before carrying care in the community.

Platinum care also offer training to members of the public outside of our organisation.
Please see below some information on what our courses entail. 

Mandatory Training

Infection Control
Topics Covered: -
- What is infection control?
- Safe Food Handling
- Keeping Records
-Recognising an outbreak
- Chain of Infection

Moving & Handling

Moving & Handling
This course consists of Theory and Practical. Topics covered: 
- Legislation
- Responsibilities
- Mental Capacity Act
- Types of Equipment
& other tasks. 

We cover various different Topics such as: - 
- Types of abuse
- Mental Capacity Act and Principles
- Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
-Person Centred Care

This course consists of theory and practical. Topics covered:

- 7 Right of Medication

- Full administration training

- Types of medication

- Safety awareness around medication administration

-MAR Chart  Training

Our company Induction involves:

-Knowledge of our company ethos and policies

-your full job description

-what your 'new' job role entails. 
- Gaining knowledge on how to deal with Emergency Situations

- CQC Regulations. 

Health & Safety
In this course you will cover the following topics: 
- Fire Safety
- Food Hygiene 
- Infection Control 
- Responsibilities 
- Risk Assessment

Duty of Care
Topics Covered: 
-What is Duty of Care? 
- Positive Risk Management
- Changing needs of the Individual 
- Comments and Complaints 
- Adverse Events, Incidents, Errors and near misses 

First Aid
Topics Covered: -

- Shown how to deal with an unconscious casualty
- Shown cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods 

- Knowing what actions should be taken in the event of an emergency occurring at work.

Additional Training

Mental Capacity Act & Dols
Topics Covered: - 
- Advanced Decisions
Defining Mental Capacity
- Best Interest
- Court of Protection
- Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Stress in the Workplace

You will learn and recognise the organisational impact of stress. Understanding what can be done to manage stress in our lives. 

End of Life
Topics Covered: - 
- Principles of good communication in end of life care
- The purpose of assessment in end of life care
- Principles of good practice with in the process of advance care planning

Topics Covered: -
- Knowledge on how to improve care delivered to people with Dementia 
- Understanding Behaviors we may find difficult
-Understanding of what it may be like to have dementia

Care Certificate

Our Care Certificate programme is specifically designed to help new carers learn and develop skill sets within the care sector, each standard will run along side mandatory training ensuring there is a full understanding of what the role entails.

This is a small process over the space of 2 weeks with the assistance from our Training Officer and Managers, with a Certificate presented at the end of completion.


Platinum Care at Home offer the opportunity to develop your knowledge in the Health and Social Care Sector. 
You will have the ability to gain further skills, 
development and growth within the company.

Additional Online Training Courses




Motor Neuron

Stroke Awareness